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Jae bad

You might be wondering, what’s so bad about this disgusting filthy-ass synth known as “Jae”. If you are wondering this, therefore making this a matter of debate rather than fact, this shows your general incompetency as a human-being (or other being) in general, which you should feel really bad about.


This section isn’t about reasoning, it’s about how bad reasoning is. I need to give claims to back up my arguments? Hell no.


Why take my word for it?

I love TeDomum for the many FOSS services hosted there, making using these services easy for people like me. That is, until Jae came along and ruined everything, ok is that good enough thanks for the money it helps a lot (translated from French)


wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. (this is a very useful definition I just needed to stick it here so I could remember it hope you don’t mind)

Concrete evidence

The sidewalk, it’s everywhere! People who deny it are quite literally avoiding looking at thee ground beneath them.

The final straw

I lost my metal straws, and this plastic one I got is the only one left

Not concrete reasoning but probably signs left by god

  • “Jae Bad” has a very nice ring to it
  • Jae backwards is eaJ a sound people make to express unpleasantness
  • Mac user (opinion disregarded)